Africa Ninpu Dorei No Shoukan Seikatsu

my name is zach im16 and im at my pool and im swimmimg i just got done to then i saw the hottest girl in school she 16 she just got donw swimming down at her pool i could see her thorgh the gate and i saw her get out and i got massive boner she was coming thorgh the gate i tryed to hinde my boner she siad hi i said sup she asked what are u hiding form me i siad nothing (i was holding up my right knee so she so could not see it) she asked me aging i said fine i put my knee dowen her eyes went big she asked if she could see it i siad no plz can i plz i have nevr seen one befor plz zach plz i siad fine i pulled dowen my swimming trucks her eys got bigger i was blushing i got has red as u could get she asked how big is it about 9 10 inched (i was guess to inpress her) she asked if i can tuch it i siad if u tuch it it my jiz out some jiz she started to laugh she isad dont ket it i siad i will try not to she tuched it it hard as rock she pulled back she was getting horny she siad igot to go home befor my mom and dad get home and see me doing this she went home the next day i was doing my laps around the pool after i was done i saw her there on the chair over by the left side of the pool she was laughing and was blusing will bad she asked if i wanted to see her nude (as eney teenage boy say to the hottest girl in high school siad yes) yea! she was blushing big time she undreesed and i looked amazed nice ass and boobs she asked to my dick agin so i siad yes i took of my swimming truncks i was here water hit the goud i thought she got in the pool and got at to get wet but little di i no she was cumming she was wet i asked are u ok (i didnt no what was going on this is my first time to see this happen) she went home crying i asked y but she didnt talk back so my boner went down and i felt bad that that happend i didnt want to make her cry so insted of ketting her jerck it for me like i had planned i went in side and i jerked i to some porno but it didnt feel the same so i could not get the plesur i wanted form my own hands i wanted her so bad now that i never got boner for 7 days she came to my house in a nice 2 piece bathing sute she asked if she could swimm with me i siad ok and i started to get the same boner but this 1 felt diffnet it felt stiffer then it ever had i guess it wanted a boner but has not got 1 for a week so i ran to my room and i closed the door as soon as i got undreesed to get my swimming tuncks on and befor i got them on she opend the door she asked if my dick gotten biger form the last time she saw it i siad no but its stiffer since it hasent had a boner in a long time she asked way i siad becuse i didnt see you she started to blush just a little so sh wach me get dressed and we went out side i went to the bath room be for i went out side she was out there all redy i got ran to the back door and i didnt see her i siad hello and i herd i im over here i looked to my left then to my right then i looked in the water she was in the water so i went t ojoin her little did i know she was undreesed i guess she didnt want me to find out and so she but the bathing sute over on the outher side of my fance i went in she asked arnt u getting undreesed i asked way she got the the small part of the pool and stood up my boner got even bigger i thought it was going to be like a foot long be for the end of the day ao i got in dreesed and she saw my boner and she asked did it get bigger agin i siad it got stiffer agin she siad damn i guess me not being around made u ake for not get boner i started to luagh in a good way not bad way and asked if she could tuch it i asked well dont tuch it hasnt been the same the last time i try jerking it after you went home crying but i couldnt get boner so can you make me feel better about it im going to get and tell my slef that u lefted and im going to come out when its small and i want ur to jerk it for me she siad ok so i went back and it went down faster then befor so i went out side she siad that was fast ans i siad becuse i didnt see you so she started to jerk it it felt so good befor i went back she ran in to her house and out some lotion on o my god it felt so good i thought i was going to jiz in a heart bet she started off slow then got faster and faster she told me not to hold back my jiz so i didnt and she got faster it felt so good and like 10 mins (i was holding back lol i didnt want to lose the good feeling) i jized some got on her hand and the rest of it on her she asked me if i wanted to have sex with her i siad i dont know my mom and dad are about to be home (i was lieing i didnt want to do this in one day) maby the next day you so she climed the fence and got her cloth back on so the next day she came over undressed i ran to the bath room got undreesed and she was in my bed laying on her back redy for me to fuck her i did first in the ass it felt good she moning and groing i was going fast and fast she siad stop so i did i asked way she didnt asnswer she just fliped around and opped up her legs i started to fuck her in she siad i lost my verginity and siad and it was with u this is the best day of my life it felt goo she was cuming i got it on me and befor i jized i took it out and she got the lotion form my bath room will fast ans started to jerk me at first i thoought she went home so i liad on my bed and had my eyes closed and then a min latter i felt somthing tuch my dick (i was flat agin) and i shot stright up it felt good i oped my eyes there she was rubbing lotion on my dick she stop and started go up and down with her pussy i felt so good then after that she got a towel dryed off my dick and started to suck it it felt so good i thought i was in heaven after that she went home. .

Hentai: (C80) [Shoujo Kousaku (eltole)] Ninpu Dorei no Shoukan Seikatsu

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(C80) [少女交錯 (eltole)]妊婦奴隷の娼館性活

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