Gay Dudes Christmas

as i sit up and regain my mature appearance you walk over to me and put your arms under mine and stand me up on the, this time you have to reach up to kiss me, passionately and hungrily, i jump into you arms and wrap my arms and legs tightly around you, your hands reaching down to my ass and squeezing firmly while our tongues continue to wrestle, i release my grip and you lower me to the floor

i make my way into the bathroom and start running the water, it's a powerful system and fills the large deep bath quickly, as it reaches the right depth i walk back into the bedroom and over to you, you're standing in the window looking out over the lights of the city as i put my arms around you and pushing my boobs into your back, you can feel my nipples poking into your back and you turn to look at me, kissing me gently before picking me up and taking me over to the bed. the food is delicious and filling and soon our plates are more or less empty, i feel too full for dessert, not wanting to over eat and make myself sick we decide to pay the bill and make our way back to the car, once again hand in hand we reach the car and i pull you down to me for a kiss, one hand on the back of your head, the other reaching down to rub your cock through your jeans, you smile as you pull away and we get back into the car
“lets get a hotel room tonight” i suggest
“sure that sounds like fun, i don't really feel like driving all the way home tonight anyway” you reply
“lets go then, i think i saw a hotel on the way through”

we soon find the hotel and get a room for the night with no fuss, we make our way up to the room and when you open the door i run past and jump onto the bed, for a few moments turning back into the young schoolgirl i really am, you look at me and smile at the child you see on the bed.

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