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Each mammoth beauty awaited,
As their rogue home floated,
Past star after star,
Hoping for a world filled with companions. The men of the new world dreamed,
And the naked beauties of Aquaria sighed and loved,
They lowered themselves on the dreamers in ecstasy,
Stealing from them their kisses, embraces and their seed.

Hentai: [TAKUMI]妖夢大活躍記+早苗想成為妻子喔

[TAKUMI]妖夢大活躍記+早苗想成為妻子喔 0[TAKUMI]妖夢大活躍記+早苗想成為妻子喔 1[TAKUMI]妖夢大活躍記+早苗想成為妻子喔 2[TAKUMI]妖夢大活躍記+早苗想成為妻子喔 3[TAKUMI]妖夢大活躍記+早苗想成為妻子喔 4[TAKUMI]妖夢大活躍記+早苗想成為妻子喔 5[TAKUMI]妖夢大活躍記+早苗想成為妻子喔 6[TAKUMI]妖夢大活躍記+早苗想成為妻子喔 7[TAKUMI]妖夢大活躍記+早苗想成為妻子喔 8

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