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THE END. Pendeja C97 No Comike No Omake – Pokemon Tantei… Marion sat at her dressing table carefully applying her makeup, and when she was satisfied, she reached for her bra and slipped it over her arms and onto her shoulders whereupon she reached around and hooked the four catches that held her massive milk filled mammaries in place!!! This was to be the first real evening out since the baby was born and she was excited to be getting out of the house if even for only a few hours!!! Her husband Tom was singing loudly in the shower, and after calling out that they were going to be late, he came shivering into the room while drying his dark curly hair!!! “You’d better step on it, hon,” she replied while standing up to slip into her panties, “our reservations are for seven and we don’t want to be late!!!” Tom stared at his beautiful wife as she dressed for the evening, and much to her consternation his big penis began to erect itself right in front of her, almost demanding to be taken care of on the spot!!! “Now Tommy,” she said while moving away from him, “we don’t have time for that nonsense, keep your hands to yourself and get dressed, I mean it, now stop fooling around!!!” Her huge chest shimmied back and forth in her low cut bra, and through the transparent material he could see her dark nipples clearly getting hard and poking out like little erections on her chest, so when he finally pressed his hardon against her belly and cupped her boobs in his large hands, she collapsed into him, a sure sign that she was all his!!! Two large wet spots appeared where her nipples stood out, and after literally tearing off the nylon harness, he lowered his mouth to her nipples and greedily sucked them until his mouth was flooded with a gusher of warm sweet milk!!! “Oh, Tommy,” she sighed while caressing his head to her breast, “you are incorrigible, what ever am I going to do with you, you’re such a little boy!!!” Now pushing her over the back of her chair with her legs spread, he pushed aside her bikini panties, and after running his pecker up and down the length of her crack, he grabbed her by her plush ass, and with a hard shove buried his meat eight inches deep into her helpless crack, inducing in her a brutal climax on the very first stroke!!! “God, Marion,” he gasped while pounding in and out of her with piston like precision, “you make me so fucking hot, and your tits, I just can’t get enough of them!!!” Marion loved to tease her husband about his over active libido, but the truth be told, she loved it every bit as much as he did, so when his thick pecker violated her most intimate organ, they both shuddered in a stunning climax that left them completely drained from the experience!!!

All the way to the restaurant Tommy rested his hand on the inside of his wife’s thigh, gently caressing her until by the time they arrived she was breathing hard and in obvious need of sexual relief!!! “W-why do you do this to me,” she panted as his finger slipped inside of her panties and quickly found her already hard clit, “you know I can’t resist you, you can be so darn mean!?!” “Mean,” he snorted, “you have the hottest little cunt in town, baby, and I’m gonna take advantage of it every time that I can, now do you wanna cum or not!?!” With her head slumped against the car door and her legs splayed wide apart, Marion could only nod her head “yes”, and with that signal her husband of four years diddled her to another climax that while not as hard as the one she had had earlier, was still a very nice way to start her evening out!!!

“And here’s to my bride and the love of my life,” Tommy toasted with a glass of wine, “and if I have anything to say about it will be the only love of my life!!!” They kissed and drank their wine, reveling in each others company, when Marion whispered, “Darling, I wore my pink thong panties, you know, the ones the ride in the crack of my ass, well, they’re sooooooooo tight on my pussy that my labia is bulging out and open, I can feel moisture oozing out of my cunt!!!” Tommy’ eyes literally popped out of his head, and after swallowing hard, panted, “A-are you kiddin’ me, ohhhhhhh man, is your pussy really wide open and ready to get fucked!?!” After looking around to make sure that no one was watching, Marion calmly grabbed the hem of her dress, and with an unbelievably sweet look on her face, she slowly slid it up over her thighs until her panty crotch was exposed to her husband’s stunned face!!! A thin line of moisture was clearly visible down the middle of the thin piece of nylon, and true to her word, the outline of her enormous vagina pressed obscenely against the delicate fabric!!! Little dots of sweat began to pop out on Tommy’s forehead, and hurriedly he took a swig of wine to wet his now dry mouth!!! Marion again gave her husband that little girl look that drove him absolutely crazy, and then just to drive him over the edge, she began tighten and untighten the muscles in her pussy, which caused her bulging organ flex wildly beneath her pink damp undies!!!

A little line of drool ran out of the corner of his mouth, and just as the waitress brought them their food, Marion slid her dress back down, and after waiting for her to leave, she again pulled it up only to reveal that her panties were gone, leaving her sex gaping open but so unattainable!!! “Y-you’re out of your fucking mind,” he hissed through clenched teeth, “I’m going out of my mind, are you purposely trying to drive me insane!?!” “Of course not, dear,” she replied gently while leaning over to kiss him on the cheek, “I just always though you liked looking at my vagina, I really thought that I was doing you a favor!!!” “Favor,” he yelped in a much louder voice than he intended, which caused several other diners to glance over at their table, “you’ve got me hard as a rock and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it!!!” “Oh,” she said in a disappointed voice, “do you want me to cover it up, if you want me to I will!?!” “No, no,” he replied quickly, “d- don’t cover it up, you’re right, I love seeing you pussy, it’s just that you’re driving me nuts, that’s all!!!” After taking a sip of water, she flexed her cunt muscles hard for a few seconds while whispering into Tommy’s ear, “Do you know what I’ve been practicing when you’re at work!?!” “N-no, tell me,” he fairly moaned while watching her lips rapidly opening and closing, “what have you been practicing!?!” “Welllllllll, if you must know,” she answered slowly, “did you know that if I really think about your big hard cock buried deep in my tight pussy that I can have an orgasm without even touching my clit!?!”

Tommy’s head began to spin like a top as he watched his wife’s gaping cunt lips open and close while she grabbed his arm with a vice like grip, and after two or three minutes of this “foreplay”, her entire body shuddered quietly as an orgasm of incredible depth shook her to the core!!! “Sweet jesus in heaven, Mar,” he groaned softly, “was that as hard as I think it was, your’re fucking unreal!!!” It was a struggle to keep from moaning out loud, but finally after her climax had ebbed from her still spent body she managed to mumble, “It was very hard, almost like my nipples, did I ever tell you that I could cum just by thinking about you sucking on them…………….

Hentai: (C87) [Jackpot 64 (HAN)] Kanmusu Photograph (Kantai Collection -KanColle-)

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(C87) [ジャックポット64 (HAN)]艦娘ほとぐらふ(艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-)

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