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I was fifteen, it was spring break and my mother, grandmother, aunt, and cousin decided we were headed to Europe. ' The shaggy haired blonde who I guessed to be the dog's owner, looking to be in his early to mid 20's, was the first to speak, “You are an American?” He didn't seem offended, rather mildly amused, I quickly answered yes, and began to collect my things, last thing I needed was trouble.

Hentai: [Karma Tatsurou] Oyatsumen | Snack Men (Shounen Ai No Bigaku 16 The Bokura no Ensoku) [English] [l0l1c0n666]

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[かるま龍狼]おやつメ~ン(少年愛の美学16・THEぼくらの遠足) [英訳]

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