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Hentai: (C72) [Pied a terre (Ohkawa Aoi)] Banjou Yuugi [Yu Board Game] (D.Gray-man) [English] [Arigatomina & Serendipity-Passion]

Banjou Yuugi 1Banjou Yuugi 2Banjou Yuugi 3Banjou Yuugi 4Banjou Yuugi 5Banjou Yuugi 6Banjou Yuugi 7Banjou Yuugi 8Banjou Yuugi 9Banjou Yuugi 10Banjou Yuugi 11Banjou Yuugi 12Banjou Yuugi 13Banjou Yuugi 14Banjou Yuugi 15Banjou Yuugi 16Banjou Yuugi 17Banjou Yuugi 18Banjou Yuugi 19Banjou Yuugi 20

(C72) [Pied a terre (大川葵)]盤上遊戯(D.Gray-man) [英訳]

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