Gay Doctor Glans Torture Toy

“Yeah you fucking love that don’t you…” she snarled, licking over his cheek, his eyes squeezed shut as he squeaked and gasped with each thrust into him, spit dripping from his mouth to leave spots on his pillow, his cheeks flushed with colour, “Yeah you do, you love being fucked like a girl you slut, I bet your ass-pussy feels so fucking good full of my cock!”

The boys legs kicked helplessly as he was utterly dominated by Victoria’s body and cock, his back slick with sweat where her skin glided over his as she hammered herself into him time and time again, his little ring on fire, the sensations of being so completely filled, his walls stretched, made to fit her like a glove was so extreme and overwhelming for him, his mind blank of thought save for the pain and pleasure. Show more “I don’t feel your tongue~” she cooed in a little singsong voice, smirking as she began to press the tip of her finger down against him, slowly working it into him up to the first knuckle.

Hentai: [Kirika] Glans Torture

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