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Sadler gently probed her vagina with his glove covered fingers! “Mmmmmm,” he hummed before announcing, “Well, Maire, there's just no doubt about it, you're pregnant, congratulations!!!” Tears filler Maire's eyes as the enormity of what the doctor had just told her slowly sank in!!! For over three years she and her husband Ron had been trying to have a baby, and for one reason or another it just didn't happen!!! At age thirty nine, Marie had started to think that she would go through life barren, but how, her prayers had been answered, she was going to become a mother!!! Dr. (C86) [Tetsu No Otoshigo (Chirorian)] Anata No… Sadler had informed her of her pregnancy, she had the overwhelming sensation of complete sexual awareness!!! Nurse Jordan sat down on the stool the doctor used during examinations, and much to Marie's shock, casually leaned forward and began tonguing her wet pussy just a calmly as you please!!! “Oh, my god,” Marie gasped, as the insistent tongue wormed its way up and down the length of her hairy slit, “oh, yes, do my clit, oh, my, that feels so good, do me, do me harder!!!” With her legs pulled wide apart and her pubis thrust forward, there was an natural tension tugging at her pussy, but the added stimulation of Nurse Jordan's active tongue was more than Marie could stand, so of course, her wet pussy contracted hard while a gut wrenching orgasm slammed into her cunt like a hurricane off the Florida coast!!!

After it was all over, Nurse Jordan dislodged Marie's ankles from the stirrup, helped her get to her feet, and then led her to the dressing room! When she was all dressed, a slightly embarrassed Marie came back into the examining room to find Nurse Jordan writing some notes in her file!!! “Oh, there you are,” the nurse said quickly, “you have an appointment for the eighth of next month, so we'll see you then, and by the way, what happened between us earlier, is quite the norm for pregnant women, that is, they have an heightened awareness of their bodies, especially in the nipples and vaginal areas and it's not unusual for a woman to have two or three orgasms a day during her pregnancy, so if you feel the urge to relieve yourself often, just remember that it’s okay and you shouldn't hesitate to bring yourself to a quick hard climax!!!” “Now,” the nurse went on, do you have any questions!?!” “You said my nipples would be sensitive,” Marie replied, while opening up her blouse, “is it normal for the nipples to be hard like this!?!” With her blouse open, Marie's full chest could be seen resting heavily in her low cut lace bra, but also her hard nipples were clearly visible poked through the thin material like the erasure heads on a pencil!!! “Oh, dear,” the nurse said softly, “you have it bad and it's only the beginning, here, let me help you off with your bra so that I can orally satisfy your pretty nipples!!!”

“Oh, that feels so nice,” Marie sighed while Nurse Jordan gently sucked and licked her large pink nips, “you have such a nice mouth, I've never had my chest feel so wonderful, mmmmmmmm, that's a good baby, suck on mama's big nipples, that's right, do her really nice!!!” Although she had gone through this a thousand times before, rarely did the nurse get emotionally involved with a patient, but this case was different, as the combination of the cute baby talk from Marie, and the incredible beauty of her chest were causing a whirlwind of activity in her own pussy, so it was just a matter of time until the nurse said in a thick voice, “I-I need help desperately, can you p-please help me!!!”

Less than a half hour before, Marie had had her first lesbian experience, albeit a more or less non participatory one, now here she was, staring at the neatly trimmed blonde pussy of Nurse Jordan! Taking in a deep breath to muster her courage, her nostrils were filled with the unmistakable aroma of a freshly aroused vagina, which naturally acted like an unbelievable aphrodisiac to her already aroused senses!!! Like a magnet is attracted to metal, Marie's mouth was drawn directly to the dripping organ that was oozing of sensuality!!! Upon contact, Nurse Jordan began writhing on the table, pressing her crotch forward in an attempt to put more pressure on her super heated slit!!! “Oh, please,” she begged, “don't make me wait for it, just do my clit for me, it's absolutely on fire!!!” Marie, knowing exactly how the poor woman was feeling, still took her time as she lazily let her tongue slide in and out of the dripping cunt, while taking great pains to avoid the hard little clit sticking out between the folds of flesh at the top of the wet pussy!!! “Y-you're torturing me,” the nurse panted, “please, I'm so close, make me cum, please!!!” Just listening to the nurse plead with her was a turn on, but finally, showing a little mercy, Marie took the little nub between her teeth and gently nipped the erect organ until an orgasm swept through the nurse's pussy like a tidal wave!!!

Her face now smeared with the nurse's juice, Marie pulled away from the drooling cunt only to be confronted by Dr.

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