Older Shikotama!

I really have no idea how or why. She said 'dirty' in a way a mother chastizes a child for wanting to handle or investigate a dead bird.

Hentai: (C82) [Datsuryoku Kenkyuukai (Kanbayashi Takaki)] Shikotama! [English]

Shikotama! 1Shikotama! 2Shikotama! 3Shikotama! 4Shikotama! 5Shikotama! 6Shikotama! 7Shikotama! 8Shikotama! 9Shikotama! 10Shikotama! 11Shikotama! 12Shikotama! 13Shikotama! 14Shikotama! 15Shikotama! 16Shikotama! 17Shikotama! 18Shikotama! 19Shikotama! 20Shikotama! 21Shikotama! 22

(C82) [脱力研究会 (神林タカキ)]しこたま![英訳]

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